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John Magaro as Cookie in “First Cow”, 2019

Kelly Reichardt is one of the strongest voices in independent cinema today, writing, directing, and editing her films with distinction. Her singularity of vision, particular focus on the culture, characters, and landscape of the pacific northwest, and sense of visual cohesion mark her work as truly individual. …

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Elisabeth Moss as Becky Something/Rebecca in “Her Smell”, 2018

Alex Ross Perry has a knack for creating captivating, unlikable characters that disgust, repulse, and keep us curious all within a single moment. Each project becomes a series of sequences that follow a misfit as they stumble through the world, holding nothing but their estranged personalities and a giant ‘why’ over their foreheads as they stare, strangely, at everyone else existing. As we attentively watch each film, we witness the sad justification for the terrible, or terribly awkward, things they do — discovering just how far-removed their watches are from everyone else’s crisply synced clocks.

His latest subject, Becky Something…

Nina Di Salvo

Every day is #FemaleFilmmakerFriday

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